Policies and Procedures

A. Administration, Finance, & Governance

A-1 PR & Media Coverage

A-2 Board Roles & Responsibilities

A-3 Safe Use of Agency Owned Vehicles

A-4 Board Recruitment and Orientation

A-5 Meetings of the Board of Directors

A-6 Vision, Mission and Values or Principles

A-7 Privacy

A-8 Succession Planning

A-9 Annual Budgets

A-10 Donations

A-11 Insurance

A-12 Bank Accounts

A-13 Managing Association Assets

A-14 Procurement, Purchasing and Accounts Payable Protocols

A-15 Petty Cash

A-16 Signing Officers

A-17 Cheque Signing Authority

A-18 Conflict of Interest - Board Members

A-19 Expenses Eligible for Reimbursement

A-20 Accessibility

A-21 Emergency Plan

A-22 Broader Public Sector (BPS) Supply Chain Code of Ethics

A-23 Perquisites (Perks)

A-24 Bookkeeping and Financial Records

A-25 Security of Agency Property


B Service Delivery

B-1 Admission Criteria and Procedures

B-2 Discharge

B-3 Sexuality

B-4 Personal Support Plans

B-5 Smoking (Supported Person)

B-6 Money Management Supports

B-7 Management of Personal Information re Supported People

B-8 Compliance with Service Standards Regulations

B-9 Health and Safety of Supported Persons

B-10 Electronic Surveillance

B-11 Medication Administration

B-12 Do Not Resuscitate Orders

B-13 Respite Services

B-14 Fire Safety

B-15 Emergency Response & Reporting System

B-16 Supporting People who have Challenging Behaviors

B-17 Death of a Person Receiving Residential Care

B-18 Rights Review Committee

B-19 Prevention of Assault & Abuse

B-20 Harm Reduction (CHPI)

B-21 Serious Occurrence Reporting

B-22 Resolution of Concerns and Complaints

B-23 Compliance with Safe Drinking Water Act

B-24 Statement of Rights

B-25 Positive Behavioural  Support

B-26 Pet Policy

B-27 Family Home Program

B-28 Supported Peoples Use of Agency Internet.


C Human Resources  

C-1 Hiring Practices and Process

C-2 Probationary Employment and Performance Assessments

C-3 Payroll

C-4 Working From Home

C-5 Administration and Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs

C-6 Employee Code of Conduct

C-7 Smoking

C-8 Staff Training & Development

C-9 Employee Health & Safety

C-10 Dress Code

C-11 Use of Private Vehicles for Related Purposes

C-12 Prevention of Harassment in the Workplace

C-13 Employee Benefits

C-14 Continuation of Health and Dental Benefits

C-15 Vacations

C-16 Attendance Management

C-17 Employee Recognition

C-18 Conflict of Interest - Employees

C-19 Salary Grids

C-20 Progressive Discipline

C-21 Termination Procedures

C-22 Student Work Placements

C-23 Lifting

C-24 Information and Communication Technology

C-25 Violence in the Workplace

C-26 Social Media Policy

C-27 Volunteers

C-28 Complaint Procedure (non-unionized staff)

C-29 Vacant

C-30 Disconnecting from Work Policy