CHPI -Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative


The CHPI program: Housing with Related Supports is a variation of our Supported Independent Living program with a focus on assisting people to secure and maintain their housing. It is somewhat unique from our core services in that it is funded through the Regional Municipality of Durham as opposed to Ministry of Community and Social Services which funds the majority of our other services.

The purpose of the program and the support through the Regional Municipality of Durham is to prevent, address and reduce homelessness. The CHPI program supports people in their own apartments on an “as needed basis.” This support can range from a few hours to several hours per week. Supports are focused on assisting tenants to secure new housing and/or maintaining their current housing by improving the landlord-tenant relationship; exploring and applying for subsidized housing benefits; and enhancing skills through assistance in the areas of personal finance, nutrition/meal planning, personal care, housekeeping, and employment.

Eligibility Considerations

To be eligible for this program, participants must have a low income (income below the Household Income Limits as set out by the Region of Durham), have legal status in Canada and have assets less than $50,000 (single person) and $75,000 (couples and families).

Contact Information

Our website Amanda Carkner, 905-985-8511 x 231 is the Manager of our Community Support Programs in Uxbridge. Her email is Our entire senior management team is also at this number (905-985-8511) and our receptionist or automatic directory will help to direct your call.