Canada Disability Benefit and passing Bill C-22.

Below is a press release from our federal counterpart, Inclusion Canada. The Bill that would create the Canada Disability Benefit is scheduled for second reading.


In order to have it fast-tracked (i.e. not be sent to committee and possibly die before coming back to Parliament), it needs all-party support. This is our best shot in a generation, to lift people at least to the poverty line and add some measure of choice and dignity to their lives.


We ask for your united support in contacting your local Members of Parliament and to urge them to vote in favour. I am certain you are all aware of your local MPs from the various advocacies we have organized but if not, you can Click here to find your member of parliament and their contact details. By entering your postal code or just searching by your province you will then find your local MPs and their contact details, including their email address, where you can send an email on the importance of the Canada Disability Benefit and passing Bill C-22.