Residential Services


Residential services in Durham Region are coordinated through the Single Point Access Durham Accommodation System. This system prevents families from having to complete multiple applications when seeking residential services within Durham Region. To access this single point of access, contact Developmental Services Ontario at 1-855-277-2121.


Community Living Durham North provides a number of residential options for people within the townships of Scugog, Brock and Uxbridge.  Our residential services span a large geographical area, encompassing the townships of Scugog, Brock and Uxbridge.  Supports are provided in home-like settings, tailored to meet the unique needs of each person.  All of our residential services are geared to adults.

 The S.I.L. (Supported Independent Living) program is designed to support people in their own homes (typically apartments) on an “as needed basis.” Supports cannot be provided around the clock; they range from a few hours to several hours per week, so people can only access this service successfully if they have already gained a significant level of independence.  The frequency, schedule and content of support varies with each person but focuses on skill building and support in the areas of personal finances, nutrition/meal planning, personal care, housekeeping, employment, accessing community/medical services and leisure/recreational pursuits. Because people are living in their own homes, they must be financially prepared to cover the cost of their rent, utilities, groceries and all personal expenses.


Our Group Home model is tailored to meet the needs of people who require 24 hour support. Our homes are typically co-ed environments. Staffing levels reflect the needs of the people living there. While all locations provide 24 hour care, this looks different in each home. In terms of overnight support, some homes have an overnight staff who is awake the entire shift, others have an overnight staff that sleeps during part of the evening, while others receive their overnight support via an electronic surveillance system.  People living in our group homes generally receive an income via the Ontario Disability Support Program; and at age 65 this is automatically replaced by federal income supports.  This income covers the residential fee that is established by the Ministry of Community and Social Services and which must be paid to the Association at the beginning of each month.  A small “comfort allowance” is retained by the recipient. All essential needs (including clothing, food, housing, etc.) are provided by the agency; the comfort allowance is strictly for discretionary spending (e.g. entertainment, vacations, etc.).


A third residential option is the Family Home program. This option affords people the opportunity to live in a more typical family context. Services are delivered by Family Home Providers and not by employees of the agency. Family Home Providers offer a caring and supportive environment that encourages the person to participate in all aspects of family living.  Similar to the group home model, people accessing Family Home are responsible for a monthly room and board fee that is fully covered by their government income supports.